Valle delle Cartiere-Sentiero Lungo

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"Valle delle Cartiere-Sentiero Lungo"
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 Long Route

Leave the main road SS45 bis near the bridge of Toscolano and drive into the Valle delle Cartiere (Valley of the Papermills). Leave your car at the car park and continue on foot along the charming dirt road past the Centro d’Eccellenza(1) at Maina Inferiore until you reach the bridge at Maina Superiore , seat of the Trout Fishing Reserve. Proceed along the valley as far as Gatto, cross the wooden bridge, go past the Scout camp and walk along the path as far as the gorge, where you will see an impressive gangway along the sheer rockface which takes to the old power plant, now no longer in use, at Covoli.Go up a steep dirt lane as far as the council road, which you take to your right. When you reach Gaino turn right and skirt the village on the left along the old “Bassa Via del Garda”, as far as a shrine dedicated to Our Lady. Turn left into Via Giotto and follow it as far as the crossroads with Via Donatello, follow it on the right skirting the upper part of the historical centre, then continue into the dirt lane of the “Morosini “and follow the ridge. You can enjoy an enchanting view of the plateau of Gaino , which seems to lie almost suspended above the lake.
Continue downhill among olive groves. The path, just before the asphalt council road to Gaino, on the right becomes a steep lane. Follow it downhill until you reach the bottom of the valley at Cesure. When you are again on the council road to Gaino turn right and , after 80 mt., just before the bend, take the left and go down as far as the old washtub. Continue to the right along Via Gasparo da Salò until you reach the road which will take you back to your starting point.

1 Museum of the Paper on paper manufacturing. In 19 rooms situated in the basement, on the ground foor and on the first floor exhibit ancient machinery as well as historical documents.
Multimedia equipment in the rooms allow you to penetrate the world of paper. You will also see the pestles, the vats, the retting vats , the presses and the rooms where the sheets were dried, sized, glazed and stacked. Of particular interest is the room where a former worker of the papermill shows how a paper sheet was produced. 

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