Monte Maderno-Valle del Bornico

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"Monte Maderno-Valle del Bornico"
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 Park at Piazzale Roma and walk along the promenade as far as the square in Maderno. 
Go up Via Benamati, by the side of the 11th c. Romanesque church(1), as far as the crossroads with Via Moretto, turn left into Via S.Pietro and go up towards Montemaderno as far as the crossroads with Via Fontane. Keep walking to the left for about 100 mt. When you reach the main road to Montemaderno cross it ang go into the dirt road Via Oriolo. After about 100 mt. turn left and walk along the path to Sitna. Go down to the left for 30 mt. and turn right , then continue along a narrow path flanked with hedges and fences as far as Maclino. Go up the staircase on the right and reach the townhall, pass it and walk to the main road leading to Montemaderno. 
Turn right to Vigole and then left after 50 mt., going down behind the Anffas building and reaching the crossroads of Via Maclino – Bezzuglio. Walk down the Bornico valley on the right, along a dirt road flanked with olive trees and reach the stream. Cross the bridge and go up as far as the old “Bassa Via del Garda”. Follow it downhill to the village of Bezzuglio. Go through the centre of the village and, after about 250 mt., turn left and go down the road to Fasano.
On the right you can admire an ancient lemon-house and the old village fountains dating back to 1909. When you reach the crossroads with the main road to Fasano go down on the left and at the road sign of Maderno make your way back to the car park of Piazzale Roma along Via Bornico, then across the main road SS45 bis at Benella and along the lakeside promenade.

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